Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Old Habits

Longtime readers (where are the two of you?!) may remember my former penchant for reporting the various snippets of rotating wisdom found on the sign in front of a church in my neighborhood. I thought I had successfully weaned myself from this particular blog tic, but today I drove by and the message was so rich, so deeply felt, so paradigm-altering, that I just have to share:

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.


In other marginally fun news, iTunes has Yaz's Upstairs at Eric's!! I cannot tell you how many times I sat alone on my crappy little bed in my actually quite fantastic San Francisco apartment (shared with two un-fantastic roommates) listening to the tape on my boom box and occasionally dragging my angsty self up to dance—badly, so badly—in the mirror.

Tell me I'm not the only one.



barbara jane said...

loved that album! i think they also have alison moyet?

we need to burn 80s mixes for each other....

ver said...

Then we could listen to them while I attempt to drink whiskey for the first time...

Patrick said...

lol -- you're not the only one. and is it me or is yaz's "only you" better than depeche mode's "somebody"? i brought pics of me during that era to the kundiman gala. if i have access to a scanner, i'll post them on my-- gulp -- blog.

ver said...

OMG, yes, "Only You" kicks Depeche Mode's arse!!

BTW, I'm gonna go ahead and take credit for your flurry of recent blogtivity...

weez said...

You're not alone. I was living in a warehouse above a comedy club at the time.

For a limited time...

A remix of Situation with tom jones and yaz.

ver said...

A warehouse above a comedy club?! You're so Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!!!

I'm embarrassed to say how happy that mix just made me. think I better dance. dance. dance. dance now

weez said...

And I had the ripped sweatshirt too.

Anonymous said...

Hot dang, I used to listen to that over and over and over. I had a horrible habit of getting a little tipsy and serenading the ladies with...Oh, what's that song?...."Midniiiight..."...Oh, yah -- Midnight.

Good times.