Friday, June 17, 2005


Nesting Ground lawyers have advised me to post this immediately in response to The Chatelaine's recent blog entry:

I, Veronica Montes, have never paid for services of any kind, um, rendered by Sr. Nick Carbo, who is currently spending inordinate amounts of time manipulating condoms into poetry. Unless, of course, you can count payment for his book Andalusian Dawn as a "service," which, I suppose you could, in which case, this statement is completely unnecessary.

As you were.


oscar said...

* strike the "if the glove dont fit/you must acquit" pose *

Princess Leia said...

This is a courtesy message to let you know that I have now put you on my blogroll (yes, primping the blog), and have just referenced your site in a post today. No attorneys need be involved with this one, prima! --D