Sunday, June 05, 2005

In Good Company

Miz Barbara Jane wrote about maganda magazine a few posts back, and it reminded me (in that sinking feeling kinda way) that the story I contributed in 2003 is—oh, let's not mince words— bad. It's more a sketch than anything; I'm not sure why I set it loose on the world. But the first scene is quite close to my heart, and I've always wanted a chance to go back and do something more with the piece. Well, the opportunity has arrived.

I couldn't find the original .doc, so I pulled out ol' issue 16 and took a look. What a surprise (and I'm not talking about the big, fat, huge typo)! I had no idea that writers I've since had the chance to meet were all over it: Gura, Patrick, Barbara Jane, Eileen, and Tony Robles.

So, on one hand it pleased me to know that I was/am in good company; on the other, I'm embarrassed for having submitted something before it was ready. *strikes the I'm-a-loser pose*

And so now...I have work to do.

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