Thursday, June 02, 2005

All In the Family + A Question

So many members of my family are now blogging (is this just a coincidence or are exhibitionistic tendencies genetic?) that I think I will start a new category on my sidebar. But for now:

USC Undergrad Perpetually Dreaming of NYC: Lui
Ice Skater Turned Harvard Grad Turned Teacher: D. (calling her out by first initial only, as I think she's attempting anonymity; we'll see how long that lasts)
Underpaid, Appropriately Angsty SFSU Student: Toya
Brothers Who Shop Too Much: Kuya Mike
Once Was Lost, But Now Is Found: Paqus

I am often surprised by these blogs. I cannot imagine my cousin D. playing poker on a habitual basis. Nor did I ever think she would use the word "bling." But there ya go. And Lui's grown-up musings freak me out because though I'm fully cognizant of her actual age, she will forever be the little kid sleeping on my lap while we rode the train around Europe sometime in 1989. It's all so...unnerving. And Toya! I hardly know her, but I certainly recognize her voice: it's mine at about the same age. I'm half-tempted to tear out a page from an old journal and show it to her.

Still, I wonder how much we really learn about each other from our blogs. Which brings me to my poll:

Out of all the people who know you, who knows you better—the ones who read your blog or the ones who don't?

Happy weekend, all.


Gura said...

but some of the people who have always known me better, read my blog too. this point I'd have to say the blogger knows.

oscar said...

i try to shy away from personal details in my blog and keep it about the performance poetry

i do throw a lot of open comments (in spanish we call them indirectas) and only one person consistently asks me about it in person

go figure

love ya like the anonymity of the keyboard

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the writing talent the Delfino/Montes family have. But, when I read your Blog I feel like I'm living the story. I have also become quite a fan of Mike's Blog. His stories are really fast and I'm not sure I want to live all of them. They are wonderful!


Lenggay said...

I wish I could blog. I just don't have the courage to compete with all these talented writers. I would have written so much about our adventure of moving from the Bay Area to San Diego. I would love to write about this wonderful place we now live in and how the people are just so warm and friendly. Who knows, maybe I'll end up writing a book instead. Oh...I'm such a dreamer.

ver said...

gura...ah, but some of the people who I think know me best don't read my blog. odd. do keep on topic, but I can't be the only one who notices the semi-frequent mentions (indirectas, fer sure) of The One Who Got Away. *strikes the things-that-make-you-go-hmm pose*

JD...I'm a shuboy fan, too! He rarely surprises me; maybe because I know him too well. When I read his blog, it's like one of our telephone conversations (and, yes, he does all the talking. Hahahahahaahhaha!). write it, I'll buy it!!

Princess Leia said...

I was wondering why I had become such a high traffic destination lately... Thanks for the plug and the links to the others.


P.S. Does anyone know how to upload one of those "email subscription" mailing list thingos to the blog??

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

If folk read all my different blogs, they'd likely know me better than most of my relations...but then since I don't link all my blogs in one place, I doubt any but my blogger-hubby knows the maddening maze that is me.

ver said...

I doubt any but my blogger-hubby knows the maddening maze that is me.

And that's probably as it should be!

weez said...

Can I just say "yes."? The ones who do both - interact with the meat space self and read the blog get the most.

Then again, some of my students who only get me a few hours a week are surprised but what happens on the page.

There's that fractured identity thing going. There's a different amount of disclosure in each space, in each media.

barbara jane said...

hm good question, ms. ver. i tend to make cryptic personal references on the blog here and there. otherwise, i wonder if my public political and poetic rants and raves, itunes playlists, and various references to whiskey make people think they really know me. that'd be a little sad.

ver said...

I like to think that people don't make too many assumptions from reading my blog. I'm not nearly as obnoxious as these posts make me out to be.

But Miz BJ, I seem to recall a certain three-word post of yours from sometime last year that was, indeed, personal but not at all cryptic! Backchannel if you can't remember; it killed me.

barbara jane said...

LOL yes i remember that particular 3-word post! hey, it was by birthday or something ...