Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ver: Mime of the Future

When I am around people, my Insane Clown Posse is usually in tow, and though I make every attempt to still engage in adult conversation, these talks are often grossly unsatisfying. Why? Because it's difficult to pay attention to my conversational partner(s) while simultaneously fielding questions like, "Mom, remember when we found that worm? That worm? The one with the babies?" and "Mom, if Lea poops in the potty, can we go get ice cream?" and "Mom, can you fix my ponytail?"

*strikes the Edward Munsch scream pose*

Yes, yes, I'm working on this. But in the meantime, many of my better exchanges occur via e-mail. And I noticed the lamest thing: I was recounting one of these exchanges to my brother when he came over for dinner the other night, and as I did so, I typed in the air. I even hit the "send" key—with dramatic flourish—when I finished a statement.

What is this all about? Am I gearing up for a future as a mime? When I tell someone an anecdote involving, let's say, a bicycle, will I begin to pedal my feet in the air?

Stay tuned for the answer to these and other exciting questions...


Gura said...

have forgotten the subtle visual communication when verbally talking to someone. have channelled communication from your mouth to your fingertips. lol

oh, how technology changes us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, are far gone.

ver said...

I think I've always tended to gesture as I speak, but this air typing thing was outta control.

And weez...don't I know it.