Monday, May 23, 2005

Things I No Longer Am But—Out of Habit—Continue To Think of Myself As

1) Young (self-explanatory)
2) Pathologically shy (served no purpose)
3) Capable of performing a backflip (I am, after all, a former Daly City Cricket flip-flop champion)
4) Thick-calved (they disappeared; it's a mystery)
5) Smart-assy (I'm a kinder, gentler Ver)
6) Unfriendly (was causing frown lines)
7) Acutely messy (I am now, according to myself, cutely messy)
8) Patient (no time for it)
9) Subtle (see above)
10) A person with excellent penmanship (I blame it on e-mail)

And you? What about you?


Gura said...

I'm glad there might be some hope for being acutely messy. Damn Martha Stewart magazines!

Anonymous said...

1. A size ten

2. Tan easily

3. 35

4. 40

5. 45

6. 50


Anonymous said...

1) Inconsequential
2) Large (horizontally, not vertically)
3) Socially inept
4) Bookish (I have no time)
5) Not funny

There's probably more...but I'm getting better.


ver said...

"Tan easily." I love that one.

"Not funny." Where, oh where, did you get that idea?!

And gura, we're not really messy, you & I. We're just "creative."

Gura said...

i still think of myself as

1) shy
2) not femmy
3) having bad posture (can't slouch doing ballroom)