Monday, May 09, 2005

One Hand Clapping, Etc.

Before she fell asleep last night, I heard Risa whisper (ever notice that when kids whisper it's as loud as when they talk?) to the spousal unit, "I just have one question. Does life really exist?"

Thank God she didn't ask me.


Anonymous said...

ow ow ow

those kind of questions make my head hurt.


Gura said...

she's quite the existential one, isn't she?

that guy said...

I had to ask her to repeat the question to be sure I had heard it right. After she repeat herself i said, "you mean like a dream?" and she said "Exactly!" I asked her if she could smell her freshly shampooed hair or feel me pinch her arm in her dream and she simply said "i guess life is not a dream."

I thought we weren't supposed to learn that one until college or something.

Anonymous said...

I've often thought we were all leggo people.

Sometimes I can't really believe the way people behave and I wish it was only a very bad dream.


ver said...

Huh? Wha? Oh, sorry. I was too busy being distracted by my new PowerBook G4 (with Tiger!!), a Mother's Day gift from the world's most excellent spousal unit.

Back to the topic at hand...these difficult-to-answer questions are coming fast and furious. Even something like last night's, "Mom, why do they call this 'salad'?" is throwing me for a loop-de-loop.


Anonymous said...

Well, my wealthy grandson (5 weeks old) gave me a gift certificate to Macys.

A Powerbook G4 is pretty terrific!


Kuya said...

She's just spooky, that one. It's all part of her considerable charm.
Glad to hear you're loving the new laptop. I want to check out the whole "Tiger" thang... need to figure out if I should upgrade.