Monday, May 16, 2005

I Need a Hero

For no reason whatsoever, the spousal unit and I were crazy-glued to last night's re-run of the 2004 World Series of Poker. The only female at the championship table was one Patty Gallagher, a founding member (I'm making this up) of PWA: Pinays With Attitude.

Oh, how I adore this woman.

At various intervals during the broadcast, the producers inserted profiles of each of the players. Patty's began something like this: "They call her Patty 'Machine Gun' Gallagher, but she prefers a different name... [cut to a close-up of Patty staring at the camera and deadpanning]: 'The Bitch.'" Next came various shots of her at tournaments banging the table, yelling, glaring, and whatnot. "You want to see a lady?" said Patty. "Go to church."


My girl ended up taking third place and pocketing a cool $91,000. Then she stood up and flipped the two remaining players the bird. God, it was precious.


Kuya said...

she's a "leeetle bit scary".
we've gotten sucked into those poker shows on tv... I don't even know how to play poker. after watching a bunch of those shows, I STILL don't know how to paly poker. Ever watch the celebrity one?

ver said...

She's not scary! Ohmalord, she's so badass.

Anyways, I learned by playing video poker when I went to Mo's wedding in Vegas. Wait, that sounds weird. You know what I mean. And, yes, I did catch the celebrity one once...

A. D. said...

A lot of the guys act like huge brats and do plenty of the whole smack-talking thing--good for her.

I however try to avoid poker games so people don't confuse me with Matt Damon.

EILEEN said...

Your review on Pinoy Poetics is now up at Moria Poetry (see moi blog for link addy). I'm noting this here only cause I have trouble sending you email at times,

Franicked said...

now look who hasn't updated...pfft. whatevs. when am i going to get invited to come over and check out the new lappy?