Sunday, May 15, 2005

Go Forth & Shop

When the 101 is wide open, it only takes me 20 minutes to drive to the 5th & Mission St. garage and an additional 4 to 8 to arrive on the threshold of any number of retail establishments. So I'm not sure why it's been an entire year since I've been downtown to shop for exterior ornamentation. To be fair, last year's adventure was punctuated by a highly successful romp through Anthropologie; perhaps I was haunted by the ghost of successful shopping past.

Anyhoots, Anthropologie was a bust this year. Instead, my childhood pal K. brilliantly steered our ship towards Jeremy's on 2nd and South Park, where—and this is crazy, people—I purchased a $495 pair of Christian Louboutin flats for the unheard of price of $189. Next time I see you, I'll wear them and you will say, "Ooooooh, where did you get those shoes?" and I will say, "I beg your pardon? Do you not recall my blog post of May 16th 2005?" And you will stroke your chin and say, "But of course, yes, the Louboutin flats..."

Other treasures were found, but two items proved elusive (this is sort of like The Chatelaine's negative purchases, but not really): an Acme Made "slim" for my laptop and a certain pair of Puma kicks that were unavailable in my size.

The line of the day came from one of the overly zealous "perfume people" stationed at the front of one store. To be polite, K. and I accepted the cologne-doused pink ribbons we were proffered. As we walked away, Perfume Girl squealed, "If you like it, come back and I'll spray you!" Which, if you think about it, is a line that could be useful in many situations.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Big City!
Cheers Paul

ver said...

Hey, we shoulda called you!

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but Christian Louboutin flats. Do these come in heels for men?


Anonymous said...

Oops. What a bonehead. I thought I was on Paqui's blog. So sorry.


Kuya said...

Acme made Slim? No prob... Friends on Gough and Hayes. Why don't you CALL me about this stuff??? sheesh. I hadn't been to Jeremy's in like 5 years and I end up being there around the same time you and K. were. How odd is that?

ver said... could mistake me for Paqui?! Just remember: I'm the one who updates.

Kuya...I just found the basic black at for $50! The Quatrefoil Silver is my favorite; I'll probably hold out. Lemme know what you can do...

Shuboy said...

I'll be down in Hayes Valley again this weekend... I'll check Friends. If they have the Quatrefoil Silver, I'll just pick it up for you. I got an Acme Bag for my computer at Fred Segal last year, remember? Lots of complements on that one. LOTS. What's what's that about? just computer stuff?
Tell you what... I'll shop for you in the city and you shop for me online. I don't know where you find these links... but they usually end up on my favorites bar.
P.S. i updated MY blog again... your shopping post inspired me.

karen-enna said...

What can I say.. If the shoe fits.. of course you buy them. Your feet were definately "pretty in pink". had too much fun!

Franicked said...

you are sooo wrong!!! no golf for YOU!