Monday, February 21, 2005

Two Girls Down

Lea was up from about 3 am 'til 7, hot to the touch from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She was also hallucinating, which is scary but also—strangely—kinda funny. She would sleep for five minutes and awake shaking. "Help me, Mama! Help me!" I'd hold her while she told me all about the crocodiles in the room and how she wanted me to drive, but I wasn't doing anything. It went like this for a long, long time. At 6, I realized there was no point in my trying to get any sleep. I gave her a dose of Motrin, cooled her head off with a washcloth, and watched her finally find some peaceful sleep an hour later. Got up to assess the rest of my household situation and was met with a red-eyed Vida who reported that when she woke up it felt like her bed was tilting. "I slept and slept, but I'm so tired" she said. A few spoons of oatmeal and some Motrin for her, too. Meanwhile, Risa—who started this whole barrel of fun off last week with her own fever—is literally bouncing off the walls, so healthy she can't even sit still. "Wanna play? Wanna play?" she yells. But nobody wants to play.

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