Monday, February 14, 2005

One Thumb Up

Loved Hero. Liked House of Flying Daggers. And so what could be better than a Honk Kong cop movie starring two of the leads from those two movies? Not much, baby! So what if there were a few holes in the storyline? So what if cell phones were so central to the plot that they were—no kidding—the third star of the film? And so what if the music was so very bad? It was still well worth the rental.

Just make sure to check it out before—no kidding again—the Leonardo DiCaprio/Matt Damon remake. Also, don't get your hopes up when you see the leggy, mini-skirted, gun-toting girl on the cover of the DVD. There is no such silliness in the film (in fact, it was refreshingly free of stereotypical hot chickness); I guess it was just someone's way of seeing if they could lure unsuspecting men into renting it. I can just imagine some guy getting it home, watching the whole thing, and then looking at his friend and saying, "Dang, man, where was that girl?"

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