Friday, February 18, 2005

Okay, So... cousuncle—or should it be "pritito?" Pritito is good—Paqui informed me via a morning IM session that I should change my profile pic because it's "suggestive." And I said, "Wha?!!" And then I realized that taken out of its "Weekend in Vegas By Myself" context, perchance he was correct. Unfortunately, pictures of myself are in short supply and my only option was to choose the other one from that weekend. The one where I'm not, um, laying on a bed.

Deftly changing the subject...

How many times can George Michael announce his departure from the entertainment world? Go already!

Making a sharp left turn...

Look! The Paris Review is in the process of archiving every author interview ever right here at The DNA of Literature.

And bringing it back home...


My baby is all groweds up.

Happy Friday, all.

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