Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I like quiet. People are often surprised at how little I talk in person, but for me there's no contest between comfortable silence and chatter for chattering's sake. Also, I'm generally inarticulate; it's hopeless.

So, yes, I mostly prefer quiet, but I also like when the house is buzzing. The domestic excitement stirred up by the possibility of blowing a fuse cannot be underestimated (okay, maybe it can). Right now, the dryer is drying; the washer is washing; the dishwasher is scrubbing; the iPod is...podding; and the noisemaker is keeping a sleeping, still feverish Vida protected from Lea and Risa's cacophonous construction of a large and not entirely successful marble run.

This is my life today.

Ironically, my biggest frustration is not trying to appease ill and whiny children, but the fact that I cannot persuade Windows Media Player to run what is supposedly the world's most hysterical Saturday Night Live Will Farrell skit ever. So you do it, and tell me what I'm missing.

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