Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Clement St. Field Trip

After our PPQ lunch feast last Friday, I left the kids with my parents for a bit and headed to upper Clement to...

...browse at Green Apple Books. Best find: this Art Spiegelman-edited beauty for a trifling $5.98.

...buy things I don't really need at Kamei Restaurant Supply. Best find: glass and stainless-steel syrup dispenser, $2.99

...scavenge at the slightly frightening Bargain Bank. Best find: Tazo Wiild Sweet Orange Tea, $1.99.

Other delightful moments included...

...finding a legal parking spot immediately and without incident. Ah, small miracles.

...enjoying my walk and the crowd while realizing that there are probably few places in the world where the scent of Irish coffee mingles (often disastrously) with dim sum, Russian pierogi, and pho. Where you can spend an afternoon at a great bookstore, eat a Vietnamese sandwich (you know the secret ingredient is Maggi, right? Oh, how I love Maggi...), buy some chocolate-filled Hello Kitty cookies, and pick up a prescription at Walgreen's. All within a five-block radius.

Most annoying moment occurred in Kamei when...

...a canned-tan, musclehead guy in a too-tight shirt with a push-face dog was informed that animals were not allowed in the store. "Well, I'm not gonna leave a $3,000 dog outside in fucking Chinatown," he yelled. Unfortunately, there was nobody around to enforce the rule, and he went ahead and shopped. Real charmer, that guy.

And that is all.

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