Monday, October 02, 2006

Perfectly Legitimate Reasons to Mock Me


8. I forgot to close my tags on #3, which made it look as if I love this blog. What I actually love is this blog. Very mockable mistake.


1. I watched "Take the Lead" all by myself last night. And I liked it.

*ducks and covers to avoid hurled tomatoes*

2. When I see a baby doing something like nestling its head into its caretaker's neck or looking startled (but not crying), I always say this: oy, yoy, yoy. I don't know why. At this point it's involuntary.

3. Perhaps not technically a reason to mock me, but curious nonetheless: I love this blog.

4. I used the crockpot to make some horrible chicken and noodles recipe (okay, let me just admit it: I made white folks' food) I found in some random magazine so that R & V would have a hot lunch (yay for the person who invented the thermos!) on this cold day. You should mock me for this because, um, why didn't I just make adobo? Duh.

5. I am seriously considering a bowling party for R & V's seventh birthday. And mostly it's because I'm enamored with the idea of getting them custom bowling shirts.

*places hands over eyes to avoid watching you roll yours (eyes, that is)*

6. I am considering giving up entirely on trying to read Hunger's Brides because the motherf***er is 1,360 pages long and in hardcover. There is simply no comfortable way to read it. They've just released the softcover, marketing it as "the essential story from the epic, Hunger's Brides." The title has been changed to Sor Juana or The Breath of Heaven and, at 750 pages, it is probably far easier to read in bed than the original. Has this ever happened before?—Stalled reading due to physical discomfort caused by the book itself? And, more to the point, is this a mockable offense?

7. I have planned my entire life around the first episode of the new season of "Lost," which airs in a few days. I am not so much a loser; I am more of a loster.

New reasons occur daily, as you well know. But I think that's it for this Monday.


KMRL said...

Yes to custom bowling shirts!! =D

I've experienced stalled reading due to physical discomfort from THE DARK TOWER books V-VII. I feel your pain.

And as for planning your life around the first episode of a new season-- don't fret. You are not alone being a loster. I'm right there w/ya ;) I planned my life around the first episode of Law & Order: SVU two Tuesdays ago.

Gura said...

i still have to blog and post pictures of our cool bowling shirts with the fifties embroidery, plus some matching bowling shoes. we got our shirts here

ver said...

Ha, gura! That's the site! I'm almost into the matching shoes. Almost.

Hiya kmrl. Another reason for mocking: I had to google "Dark Tower." Such a loster.

A. D. said...

solution to the uncomfortable reading (though it may seem horribly sacrilegious to some bibliophiles): dismantle the book into manageable pieces, slicing with a knife or open scissors down the binding, between pages.

after all, the reading is more important than the material book—assuming you do actually want to read it still. (you could always buy a used copy to dismantle if you'd prefer to preserve your nice, new one.)

heck, you could turn it into a crafty thing and make new protective covers for your split volumes.

ps — there's nothing wrong with horrible chicken and noodles!

Joanne said...

I would have preferred the adobo over chicken and noodles, but applaud your efforts anyway.

At least someone is watching Lost. I can't seem to coordinate my TV time or figure out how to use my old-ass VCR timer thingy.

We love you no matter how many reasons you give us to mock you.


ver said...

Oh, that's a good idea, a.d.! I've never sliced up a book, though. I realized that if I read it while I'm not at all sleepy, then everything's fine. It only gets annoying when I want to get uber-comfy.

Hi Joanne! It never fails: every time I see your little kid picture, it makes me smile. Plus I'm jealous because I just didn't have what it took to pull off the whole side ponytail thing...

Princess Leia said...

Take the Lead was such a good movie. I technically watched it by myself, too, on a personal video screen on a Virgin Atlantic flight this summer, but was surrounded by my family and a planeload of others.

Also watched Brokeback that way...