Wednesday, October 25, 2006


1. I ate lunch at Taco Bell yesterday for the first time in at least a year. It was freaking excellent. If you factor in my recent intake of Spam fried rice, I should drop dead by noon tomorrow. I have loved you all.

2. Vida has the major sneezies and is upstairs in bed. I am secretly pleased about this because it gives me a valid excuse to stay home and putter. Yes, I putter.

3. I heard an old Babyface song on the radio yesterday, and it sounded so good that I had to download it as soon as I got home. He's all wondering when his heart will beat again and when he can see me again. Poor guy.

4. R & V have reached the patty-cake/chanting portion of their childhoods, and even though I have to hear the same chant up to forty times a day and even though it refers to finding a boyfriend and makes almost no sense at all, I love it. Especially when they're in a circle with five or six other girls. Here's how it goes:

Down down baby down by the rollercoaster
Sweet sweet baby I'll never let you go
Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff
Shimmy shimmy shine [this is my favorite part because everyone puts their hair behind their ears in s-l-o-w motion while they drag out the word 'shine']
I met a boyfriend
A biscuit!
He's so sweet
A biscuit!
Apples on the table
Peaches on the floor
Step back baby
I don't want you no more
One two three four
Inky binky salad bar
Inky binky boo
Inky binky salad bar
A boy loves you!

5. And, finally, I want this bracelet:


Shuboy said...

They did that chant in "Big"! 'member??? I thought it was a little odd that two little boys were doing it, but...
hey, who am I to judge?

ver said...

Another confession: I've never seen that movie. Stop yelling at me.

I actually googled the chant because I was convinced that the girls had altered it in some way, and it turns out there are several versions. So maybe the two little boys weren't singing this particular variant. Not that there would be, you know, anything wrong if they were...

Shuboy said...

ooh! so politically correct!!!
could you please, please, see it? it's one of my favorites. y'know, they even made it into a Broadway Musical.