Friday, October 06, 2006

If It's October...

...than it must be time for the Big Fresno Fair.

Oh, don't be jealous. I'll take a picture of the prize-winning squash, pig, and cow for you. I will eat a funnel cake for you. I will order a baked potato with an ice cream scoop of butter on top, and then flip the butter off and into the garbage can for you. I will purchase a big bag of kettle corn for you, but unfortunately I will not share it with you. I will sit on a piece of burlap and slide down the super gigantic-o slide for you. I will take note of the crazy women who wear high heels to the fair. I will squeeze into the photo booth with my family and take pictures for you. So don't be jealous.

And that evening, when it's all over, I will kindly ask my mother-in-law to babysit the girls so we can sneak out to catch a showing of this. Which might be a corny thing to do, but you know what? I don't care! Add it to my "Perfectly Legitimate Reasons to Mock Me" list, and we'll discuss later.

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