Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is This Snooping? Plus Something About Hamburgers

Vida likes to write and draw, so when I'm out running errands, I will often grab a little notebook for her. Not only does this prevent her from grabbing sheet after sheet from my printer, it also gives her a satisfying sense of ownership, as in this is my notebook. I gave her one today, and she immediately sat down to write. Then she left it open on the table, and I couldn't help it: I had to take a picture. It's probably only because I'm her mother, but this cracks me up:

It's technically snooping, though, isn't it? I swear I never read the diary she keeps under her pillow; I don't even touch it. I thought this was sorta fair game, though.


Doesn't it drive you crazy when someone orders a hamburger with tons of stuff on it, and then while they're eating it all the stuff (of course) starts to dribble out and onto their hands and then they start to lick their hands every few seconds? What if you and a friend happen to walk into a burger joint and your friend happens to know the accused hand-licker, and your friend says, "Oh, Ver, I'd like you to meet Joe-I-Put-Too-Much-Stuff-On-My-Hamburger Jones," and because your mother raised you right, you hold out your hand for some mutual shaking action? And then later on you read a blog that complains about Secret Hand Lickers and you realize you may have fallen prey to one. Wouldn't that be unfortunate?

Take it easy on the condiments, everyone. There's not like a shortage or anything.

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vikki said...

aw, I do the exact same thing when I get a new notebook. No joke.
but, aww, that's precious.


ps. HI!