Monday, October 30, 2006


As you can probably imagine, I am deep, deep into the domestic. Pumpkin seeds are roasting, almonds are toasting, one soup is finished and the other is being prepped, cupcakes are cooling, and final costume details have been settled upon. The SU carved all the jack o' lanterns yesterday (of note is the clever kitty cat), we are fully stocked with candles, and we christened the fireplace tonight.

Right on cue, my FedEx from Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing arrived today (you'll recall this is for the upcoming Saturday Night Fever party).

So much polyester, so very little time.

I'm torn between using the Vera scarf as a headwrap (it would create a very Rhoda Morgenstern look, if I'm not mistaken), which puts both said scarf and the super-disco twisty silver earrings at good advantage, or tying the scarf around my neck and leaving my hair down, which does a small disservice to the earrings.

And this is my life at the moment. Which makes me either ridiculous or fantastic. I can't decide which...


Gura said...

i vote for the head scarf hair up to show off the faboo earrings. then again, when it comes to steppin' out, i tend to go towards going all out. then as the night wears on, you can retreat to the hair down, so you can have that slightly disheveled, "yeah i can really party look" even if you didn't.

Tracey said...

What a coincidence...I am way into the domestic, too. We can either be fantastic together or...fantastic, let's go with that.