Sunday, October 22, 2006

For Aimee: One Extra-Large Order of Spam Fried Rice

But only in the virtual sense. For behold! This is the exact batch I brought to breakfast:

If you click it to get the larger view, you can actually taste the salt.

I am happy to report that every last bit was consumed. And so, dear ones, let us have a moment of silence to honor the greatness that is...Spam.


cornshake said...

oooh....*stomach grumbling*....
can you believe i actually could not stop thinking of this all morning and took Villanelle to the store to buy ...SPAM? gonna make some later this week myself! I had to buy various fruits so i wouldnt just be caught buying *just* spam. also? i was wearing a baseball cap and glasses. oh, the non-glamour of it all!

Shuboy said...

i must say that your spam fried rice is nothing short of amazing. I think I've figured out why... it's because you cut your spam inot such tiny pieces so it's not only super crispy on all sides, but you get spam in every mouthful.
I'm dying to know the reaction from your fancy/non-filipino neighbors to your brunch offering. I know that every last bit of it was consumed, but c'mon - you must've caught SOMEone lookin' sideways at your dish.

ver said...

Mostly it went like this:

Neighbor: Ooh, what's this?

Me: Spam.

Neighbor: Seriously?

Me: Seriously.

And then they'd eat it and give me a thumbs up. For the aggressive mockers, I'd give a, "Oh, sure. Here I am sharing a part of my culture with you and you DON'T EVEN CARE..."

Best part was seeing it placed beside the platter of artfully composed (props to Chef C.W.!!) Eggs Benedict. Hahahahahahahahaha!

L said...

Hi Ate Ver,

Spam Fried Rice (or as my dad calls it "Super-rice") has been such a staple of my childhood that I find it has become a huge part of my own weekend routine here at school. My perfect Sundays always start with super-rice and the Sunday paper...good to see others appreciate it too!