Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just Once, Believe the Hype

The spousal unit's place of business (hey, don't skip the intro or you'll miss out on much sexiness from Christy Turlington and Apolo Ohno, although not together, because that might have caused computer screens around the world to explode) has joined with others here, here, here, and here, to raise money for the global fund, which helps women/children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

You're gonna buy a cell phone, iPod, t-shirt, tank, jacket, etc. etc. anyways. Why not make it red?

It's the weekend. Go forth and shop.


Shuboy said...

I did my part today at your spouses place of business... I bought the white woven with teh incredible stitching detail under the collar and down the front placket. Lovely. And half of the 75 bucks went to a good cause. Shoppin' never felt so good!
PLUS, the (RED) shop looks amazing at the Flood Building.

thelastnoel said...

I guess I'm going shopping!

ver said...

Go Noel! And you must come back and tell us what you picked up.

Shuboy, you bring up a good point: not all the (RED) stuff is red, so there is plenty to choose from. And it's really true—the shopping feels particularly good. Can't wait for a make-up company and a luxury brand to join up so that the guilt-free spree can continue!

I lost my iPod last Spring, so it has now been replaced by a RED one! Ten dollars went to the global fund, and it will provide twenty days of medication for one person.

I think my next purchase will be his 'n' her ENAMO(RED) tees for Barbara Jane & Oscar...

Shuboy said...

Armani is a pretty luxurious brand and they're on the wagon! I got more stuff today from the gap. They told me they'd be getting more items in this week!