Monday, September 17, 2007


Life is currently an unwieldy mix of maternal duties (if my children do not stop talking to me all at the same time, there is no telling what your Nesting Ground Mistress may do), writing, volunteering and, um, home management. I'm failing desperately (per usual) at the home managment portion, mostly because Risa, Vida, and Lea have already brought home an entire ream of paper between the three of them. How many "Mad Math Minute" papers must I keep? Do I need to retain documentation of Lea's transformation from a small person who writes her "s" backwards to a small person who no longer writes her "s" backwards? Will Vida one day ask why I didn't file her Reading Logs and keep them forever and ever? What, exactly, is the protocol?

And while we're on the topic of protocol, is there a rule regarding the proper length of prologues? I'm wondering, for example, if this is long enough:

They say Maria Angelica Nazario de los Santos was the most beautiful woman of her time; that one of her eyes was blue, one green; that requests for her hand numbered in the hundreds; that one bitter rival poisoned a cup of Spanish chocolate, had it served to her for merienda, and then went mad when the desired effect failed to materialize.

They say all that and much, much more.

I hope so. Because it's way too loud in here for me to give it another go.


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

**raises hand** When you find a copy of the Protocol for Archiving Children's Childhood Tangible Objects When Space is Limited let me know, 'kay?

Cause when I asked my little ones what of their schoolwork they wanted me to keep, they said, of course:



Love the paragraph! Does it /have/ to be a prologue though? It's not overly long, but could stand well after a short paragraph of opening dialogue or action... just a thought.

Carl said...

The geek in me suggests that you scan everything, thus relishing the digitized delights while minimizing the immense archive. Otherwise, you could explore the industrial sized file cabinets at Staples/OfficeMax/Depot.