Monday, September 10, 2007

The Post That Happens When You're Supposed to Be Doing Something Else

We're in full-on "Frantic Mode" with our school fundraiser thing, but all work and no blogging makes Ver a testy creature. Anyways, I have all night! The spousal unit is on a business trip, after all, and since I don't know how to turn on the television, I'll be doing nothing but sitting here churning out fundraiser...stuff. In all seriousness, I have no idea how to use this thing:

It might as well be the launchpad control for the latest NASA rocket, for all the good it does me.

***pause for topic switch***

In a cursory glance around my favorite blogs, I am happy to learn that people are havin' babies, people are finishing novels, people are being Honorably Mentioned, people are visiting faraway lands where the quality of light is different, people are making their acting debuts. It's good to be surrounded—virtually speaking—by such people. Non-virtual life can be so harsh. In non-virtual life I heard a 4-year-old soccer player being unfairly scolded by her father. She was understandably tired after half an hour of play, and ran to the sidelines begging to come out. "So, what?" said her father, "You're gonna quit? You're a quitter? Okay, that's fine. You go over to your team right now, and you tell them 'I quit.' You heard me, go!" I had to turn away because it was horrible to see her little crumpled up face.

Here is Lea on the field, not quite sure which direction she's supposed to go:

She figured it out. Good thing, since I didn't want to have to say, "What? What is this? Are you directionally challenged? You don't know which way to go? Well, why don't you just tell your team that. Tell them, 'I don't know which way to go,'" or anything like that. GEEZ. Big folks need to take it easy on the wee ones, for chrissakes.

***pause for topic switch***

Remember I was waiting for back-to-school meltdowns? Well, I'm happy to report I have two out of three under my belt, and I'm starting to think the third won't happen at all. Of course, now that I've said that, I'm probably going to be subjected to some sort of Exorcist-type scenario. Great. I'll leave you with a back-to-school shot:

And now, back to my regularly scheduled fundraising...


Gladys said...

you're not kidding. i have three of those remote control thingies at which to stare bemusedly. i'm fine without tv.

Teressa said...

I can manage the TV, and even the DirecTV, but DH's Buffalo Link Theater, where you can watch stuff you've saved to your computer, is another monster entirely. Even HE has had issues with it.

cornshake said...

every pic of your gals--i think--that's about as cute as it gets! and then POOF! you take another.
seriously, they are just so *pretty,* it's getting ridiculous...;)