Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Circa 1990 + Book Purchases

Just remembering that my cubicle buddy at Ranana Sepublic used to have a problem with her contact lenses: they would constantly dry out, causing discomfort and strain. So she'd pop them out one at a time, stick them in her mouth, and then put them back in her eyes.



I'm not a believer in the Bible as fact, but I love it as fiction. And so I couldn't resist Chronicle Books' The Bible: Genesis, Exodus, The Song of Solomon with illustrations by Marc Chagall. It's so small—only as big as my hand—and deliciously fat. Here's a page:

I think it's very beautiful. It's sitting on my desk at the moment, making me happy.

I also picked up The Book Thief by Markus Zusak which, I'm pleased to report (see my previous post), has a super-short prologue. It goes like this:


a mountain range of rubble

in which our narrator introduces:
himself—the colors—and the book thief

It's cold today, cold enough for a fire. So maybe there will be one in the fireplace tonight, and I can start this book. But for now, errands at Target and then writing at the library. Yes.


Tracey said...

You will LOVE The Book Thief. LOVE IT.

As much as one can love a novel narrated by Death, that is.

JODI said...

We bought the book for our home library after reading Tracey's review last year. We then turned our middle school librian onto it, she purchased it for hte school library.