Thursday, January 05, 2006

Okay, Maybe Not Quite Back In The Swing

There were two eggs left in the carton. Enough to make a decent half-batch of Spam fried rice for the girls. Until, of course, I cracked one of the eggs directly into the sink. I looked at the bright yolk set against the stainless steel of the sink. In all its sunniness, it seemed to be mocking me. I briefly considered retrieving it. Instead I called it a bastard and turned on the water until it slipped down into the disposal.

Spam fried rice with just one egg is okay. I guess.


Gladys said...

That's it. I'm hungry. I'm making myself fried rice and eggs. In the middle of the day.

If I could have sent you one of the bastards in my half-full carton, I would have.


ver said...

Eat! Eat! Perfect LA bodies be damned...


Gladys said...

oh yes, i damn them, all right. and i'm damning them as i write - i have an almost-finished plate of scrambled eggs, cheddar smokies, and rice on my lap. (sigh.)

buzjwlw (my belly thanking me)