Friday, January 20, 2006

Down For The Count

Sorry for the lull, precious ones. Apparently—and this is worth remembering—too much pink can make you sick. Last night in a fever-riddled, half-conscious state, I tried to describe exactly how I was feeling. What I came up with (I think) was this: I feel like someone has used a hammer to tap two extra-long nails through my eyelids. The tips of those two nails cross somewhere in the middle of my head, creating a shower of sparks that, for whatever reason, make it impossible for me to open my eyes or speak without causing great pain. Near midnight, I realized that perhaps my tremendous headache was due to dehydration or perhaps simple hunger (I hadn't had anything eat or drink all day—not even Diet Pepsi (hi AD!). I stumbled into the kitchen, grabbed a blue plastic Sleeping Beauty cup, filled it with water, and then proceeded to spill it all over myself. I re-filled it, gulped the whole thing down, grabbed two Advil, refilled the cup again, and drank once more. As I fell back to sleep, I thought there's nowhere to go but up.

And I was right. I awoke this morning still feeling lousy, but at least able to function. Via the magic of make-up and a really hot flat iron, I even look almost human. And just in time, too, since Lea is now following in my footsteps.

You'll hear more from me soon. Just try to shut me up...


A. D. said...

hi. feel better please.

Gladys said...

yikes, sounds like a killer migraine. hope you feel much better soon. water does wonders (as do advil and other nice pills).

hmqkyed (sleepy slur for "i'm good")

oscar said...

perhaps some carribean cure all?
or maybe not.

but i do recommend some caffeine.
so, yay on the diet pepsi and even double yay on a nice cup of café bustelo with steamed milk

mtmrugox (croatian cure for migraines that involves ox tail -yuk!)

ver said...

AD, really, your photo is so earnest it's almost heartbreaking. I will, indeed, get better.

Yeah, Gladys, it was sort of migraine-y with flu symptoms. Yum.

ob...coconut? Not so much. But you're the first person to prescribe caffeine. I'm up for that.

xyawb (exclusive university from which ob received his medical degree)

bino said...

looks like mama needs rest. was like that on thursday too. feel bettah.

wdpsbtiv=when d people sing but try in vain

omegeesh i deciphered d code!