Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Yesterday's Mailbox

Ah, but the envelope belied the contents.

So did the paper, the choice of writing implements (crayons), and the random, 3-months-early wish for a "happy birthday."

The rest, however, was quite straightforward. "Dear Lea," it said. "I love you. I love playing with you at school. Love, W."

A smile just barely registered on Lea's face as I read her the letter. Her older sisters hooted and hollered, chanting the boy's name in that horrible, taunting, 6-year-old way. But somehow Lea—she who dissolves in a small heap of defeat if her socks are "bumpy"—maintained her composure.

She calmy took the letter from my hands and secured it on the refrigerator with no less than five magnets. She then twirled out of the kitchen and into her room, presumably to savor the knowledge of her conquest in private.

Girls rule.


Gladys said...


yoxcv (girls do rule!)

g said...

Are bumpy socks anything like lumpy socks? I hate that.

Gura said...

ooh, Lea, a heart breaker! Bumpy socks are upsetting.

fbuyvw- handmade cards are the best

ver said...

"Bumpy" is when she puts on her socks and then puts on her shoes, but either one or both of the socks is bunched up at some point along her foot. "Bumpy" is sometimes the end of the world.

vjharucx (a hacking cough that lasts more than eight weeks)

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


Our Lia (also age 8) recently admitted to being in love with a boy...and that she hoped to marry him one day. Her first real crush. They grow up fast, eh?

niojy: adj. The joy of knowing a boy notices you.

KMRL said...

aww.. that's adorable..

ver said...

Thanks for dropping by, Kristine!