Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rejected! (And On a Saturday, Even)

Was it unreasonable to hope that some of the star power from my previous post would somehow rub off on me. Apparently, yes.

Is it annoying that I do this? That I chronicle my rejections? (Rhetorical. Or not. Up to you, dear reader.)

In this particular case my rejector went into impressive detail, even quoting and referring to page numbers and whatnot. High praise was bestowed upon my title, which I thought was kinda funny (the praise, not the title). This person believes—and the point is well taken—that the true voice of the story starts on page 3 (what can I say? I like a good warm-up). S/he then went on to say that the voice ultimately didn't hold, started to wander, and became "topical." Yes, the word "topical" was underlined. I'm not sure what that means—"topical." I've been thinking topically about the topic of topicality for a few hours now, and am no more clear than when I began.


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