Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Miss Nelly Negative

It's just that this is proving much more difficult than I anticipated. Why? Thanks for asking. It's because...

1) I am extremely allergy-prone, and my eyes and nose are reacting violently to all this airborne plaster and who knows what else. Believe me, I am not responsible for my nose during this time period. Also, I now have an attractive hacking cough. Want to have lunch? I didn't think so.

Does anyone know if an antihistimine will help?

2) I did not realize we would lose the use of our dining room, but Mr. Contractor is storing his 7 metric tons of Mr. Contractor tools in there. Upstairs is off limits, too. We're living in two bedrooms, the den, one bathroom, the living room, and the yard. If you don't think that sounds so bad, want to come over for lunch? I didn't think so.

3) With the sudden loss of space, Lea is feeling claustrophobic. "Why can't I go there Mama?" "Well, honey, because you might fall down that new hole in the floor and disappear. Forever."

On an upnote, I am pooh-poohing those who claim that it's impractical to put a stone floor in with three small children running around. I have but 5 words to say to them: Brazilian. Antique. Black. Slate. Yeah, I know, that was 4 words. Anyways, all the little chippy edges are honed, resulting in a warm, soft black which—once sealed—will be able to withstand any number of children...sorry. Turning into Cliff Claven (you will not believe how much time I just wasted looking for a photo to link to).

Subject Change Alert. Subject Change Alert.

Here's a few of the recent search words that have led wanderers to this here blog:

1) why + wear + pumas

2) fashion + don't + picture

3) pictures + of + montes + naked

4) cheese + weez + craft

5) anti + ver

And now, of course, my comments:

1) why + not?

2) I love it when I can be of help to someone who's working on their doctoral dissertation.

3) I don't know about you, but I see a connection between #2 and #3.

4) not + too + bright

5) Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

That is all.

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