Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ifs, Ands, Butts

Unless I'm being mama, mama, mama'ed clear out of my mind and am ready to sell my soul for some quiet, I restrict the kiddies' television viewing to two brief (and blessed) spells during the day. No junk (sorry Spongebob, sorry Rugrats...) and absolutely, positively no commercials. But...I must have slipped up recently in the commercials department because Vida has been running around for two days pronouncing several different versions of the following:

"Oh, by the way Mom, I just want you to know that almonds and milk are part of a complete nutritional breakfast."

For some mysterious reason, this just kills her. She laughs so hard she loses her breath and has to fall to her hands and knees. Sometimes, in a desperate effort to get her sisters to join in, she will change it to, "I just thought I'd let you know that butts are part of a complete nutritional breakfast." And because the three of them think that the funniest word ever is the word "butt," they cannot help themselves: they lose it. They stagger around like three drunks just laughing their asses off.

I means butts. Laughing their butts off.

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