Sunday, December 28, 2003

Bring It: The Disney Princess Party

I am powerless against the siren call of Disney and its panoply of offerings for anyone who stands under four feet tall; I cannot keep my daughters away from Belle, Snow White, Aurora (or "A-whoa-wa" as my girls say) Jasmine, Ariel and their flowing-haired, slender-waisted ilk. I have even forgotten why I was trying to. And so it has come to pass that Risa and Vida will soon revel, prance, and grow frighteningly overstimulated at their very own Disney Princess Birthday Party.

To this end, I dragged my carcass—already weary from an overabundance of holiday shopping—to the inelegant and one can only assume ironically named "Party City." At this fine emporium, I selected a blindingly tacky assortment of pink! pink! everything pink! Disney Princess party decorations, including tiaras for all, large cardboard cutouts of Cinderella and Snow White, and streamers with which to desecrate my home.

The crowning (pardon the princess pun) glory in my shopping cart was the preternaturally large Disney Princess pull-string piñata. It is of the pull-string variety because, as you can imagine, no violent hacking is allowed at Disney Princess parties. At Disney Princess parties, each guest takes a turn selecting a ribbon from the piñata and tugs gently until the treasures within—costume jewelry and candy—cascade to the floor.

May we all live happily ever after.

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