Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Overload

I've been eating too much fancy foodstuffs lately. And no, smarty, I am not referring to fried zucchini at the Big Fresno Fair. It's a big birthday week in the family, you see, so the celebration started last Saturday at a restaurant here in San Mateo called La Lanterna, where I believe a single, tiny gnocchi boasts enough caloric value to power an adult through an Iron Man event. It goes without saying that they serve you more than one. And then last night, I met the SU for a private feast at Sutro's (inside the Cliff House):

My drive to the restaurant took me on quite the nostalgic romp along Skyline Boulevard. On my left, the sunset was ridiculously dramatic. Off to my right I passed...

1) ...Higate Avenue in Daly City, where several teenage-era friends once lived
2) ...Westmoor, my high school
3) ...John Daly Boulevard, across which my buddy Paul and I were safely ferried by the ancient crossing guard (also named Paul) as we walked to Olympia Elementary School each day
4) ...the now rather sad Lake Merced, which was the site of several childhood family reunions

But back to all the fancy food. I feel that if I were to stick a pin in some meaty part of myself (ah, so many places to choose from at the moment...), cream and truffle oil would trickle out.

Wow. Gross visual.

Anyways, I've begun an intense form of culinary penance, and I have but one thing to report: eating a banana is in no way thrilling.


{Happy birthday, Kuya! We miss you}

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