Monday, October 29, 2007

A List of Things Lacking in Fun

1) Taking 3 children to the dentist at the same time.

2) When your jeans start to feel a little tight in the thighs.

3) Completing the often arduous task of removing the nut from the shell of the pumpkin seed and then having Lea say, "Can I have that, Mama?"

4) When your aunt's appendix bursts.

5) Having no chocolate chips in the house and, therefore, being unable to make chocolate chip cookies. This, however, may be helpful in other areas (see #2).

6) Rounding up volunteers to help with the Kindergarten Halloween games. WORK WITH ME, PEOPLE.

But you know what makes up for these mini (well, okay, except for the appendix thing) bummers? This scene from an otherwise bleh romantic comedy. You might laugh at the beginning, you might laugh at the end, but you WILL laugh:

Come come on the kickdrum. Come, come.

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