Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No News Is Good News

Not much going on here at Nesting Ground. Just the gentle hum of the dishwasher, the light pelting of raindrops. I'm working on two grants and one story, with the hope that all three things will go out in the mail next week. Magic happens, after all.

The rain is growing louder, more insistent. This can mean only one thing: time to climb under the covers with a book. Question is...Little, Big or The Book Thief?


Benito said...

Never heard of the other book, but you will disappear into "Little, Big." One of the finest fantasy novels I've ever read, period. (So good it was one of the few books that survived the Great Culling of 2007.)

ver said...

I ended up reading Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. My problem is I want to read all three of these books at once while simultaneously enjoying them one at a time. If that makes any sense.