Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Goat of Some Renown, Hair of Cow, and Fried Things

First of all, hello, what a fantastic outfit on Miss 4-H:

And I believe the goat is a Goat of Some Renown. If I am mistaken and this goat is not, in fact, a Goat of Some Renown, then it ought to be. Super shiny coat! Velvet to the touch! Willing to pose for pictures! Freakin' awesome goat.

Allow me to present another standout pair from the Big Barn:

Do you see that? Do you see how they have identical matching hair peaks (click it! click the picture!)? Do you think that's easy to achieve? Does it seem like I'm yelling at you? I am! Because this can't be easy. If someone said to me, "Nesting Ground Mistress, make your hair look like this cow's hair," I would be at a loss. But not this fellow. This fellow is follicle-y gifted.

Let's move on to food, shall we? Below is a lot of meat:

And, well, that's it. A lot of meat.

My niece, Sarah (pictured below with me, your Nesting Ground Mistress) says that this is not only a snapshot of the two of us holding ungodly-looking pieces of fried foodstuffs...

...it is also accurately depicts the number of pounds one can gain by eating at the Big Fresno Fair. You'll be happy to know that I didn't actually partake in any of the items we're foisting. I did, however, eat these fried zucchini ribbons, and you know what?

I'd do it again.


Malbatron said...

you've lost your mind. Go eat some adobo and cleanse your system.

JODI said...

The prize-winning cow preceding the picture of the hunk of meat...marvelous way to turn any carnivore into a vegetarian. Fun post!