Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes, I Know: We All Look Alike

Late last night I received an e-mail from my lovely friend, K., who is half Korean and half Caucasian. She said she was at the gym when a woman with whom we have both been friendly for about four years, started chatting with her. After several minutes, K. realized that this woman had mistaken her for me, thus necessitating an awkward correction.

Indignant and infuriated, was I. Of course I shot back a reactionary e-mail. You know, I've had it with her, I began. Earlier this year, when another mutual friend, P., put his arm around her for a quick hug, she said, "Most Asian men aren't physical. You are the most physical Asian man I know!"

*eye roll*

What would lead her to make such a ridiculous, not to mention—hello!—completely random statement? And then she mistakes K. for me when, in fact, K. and I look nothing alike? And even after an inordinately long time, she couldn't even self-correct? And we've both known her for years? How lame is that? So I sent all this in an e-mail to K., who calmly replied...

You know, I really think she's just a space cadet.

Ah, yes. But a space cadet of whom I am now officially weary.

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