Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Q & A

Has it ever happened that you're listening to a song in the car—let's say Rihanna's "Umbrella"—and a person is crossing the street—let's say a guy whose pants are too short and whose baseball cap is too large—and this person is walking in such a way that is completely in time to the song? And did this remind you of the opening sequence of "Saturday Night Fever," and did that, in turn, make you laugh out loud?

Has it ever happened that your dentist has referred to you as "young & hip?" And did this make you first gag (because of the dental instrument stuck in your mouth) and then, when the gagging was over and when it was determined that you were fine and not, in fact, about to choke and die, did you laugh out loud? And was it odd to realize that you could laugh directly from your throat (because of the dental instrument stuck in your mouth)?

Finally, has it ever happened that your older brother is moving to Madison-freaking-Wisconsin, but that he gave you an iSight camera for your Mac so that if, for example, you need to know IMMEDIATELY if he thinks your hair looks weird, you can just ping him and find out? Or if your children want to sing him a Bon Jovi song (they're obsessed; I know not what to do), complete with intricate choreography that must be seen to be believed, they can? And did this knowledge also make you laugh out loud?

Those are all the questions I have for today, but I'm sure that YOU now have some. For my next trick, I will anticipate said questions and answer them without your having to say and/or type a single word:

1) Yes, I love the song "Umbrella." It's an illness. If you have a cure, do tell.

2) It was a 2-hour appointment. My jaw is killing me.

3) No, I will not be starting a new "Nesting Ground Webcam" blog. Instead, I will just describe to you what you would see on such a blog:

a) you would see me
b) you would see me dancing around the kitchen
c) you would see me dancing around the kitchen singing "Umbrella"


B. said...

When I was in elementary school, I was told (by this guy who had a lot of authority, because he was giving me guy tips and he was in college) that "the real guy walk" could only be accomplished if you walked down the street with the Bee Gees in your head. Whether you're a brother, or whether you're a mother...

Tracey said...

ha ha ha! We were just dancing in the kitchen to "umbrella" last night...

ver said...

I kinda love the Bee Gees.

Tracey! I'm clicking over to your blog to see what you've gotten yourself into NOW...