Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alexander, C'est Moi

Change "Alexander" to "Veronica," and there you have it. I love this book, by the way.

Anyways, it wasn't a bad day as in my pet died, my car was broken into, my laptop exploded, my identity was stolen, etc. etc. No. Not like that. It was far more sinister than that. Sinister because the badness of it was so mundane. All that happened, really, is that nothing went the way it was supposed to.

And now I'm reminded of another children's book. It's a series actually, written by Rosemary Wells. In each one, a bunny kid is having a bad day, but then Janet the Queen of the Bunny Planet comes along and says, "You need a visit to the Bunny Planet. Come in, come in, here's the day that SHOULD have been," and then the bunny kid walks through the portal and has a great freaking day where s/he plays cards by the fire with their Dad and eats gingerbread or tomato soup or whatever. The final page is always the bunny kid back where it all started, but staring up at the Bunny Planet and thinking, "It was there all along."

So, yeah. I'm Alexander and I need a visit to the Bunny Planet.

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