Thursday, July 12, 2007

Extreme(ly) Cake

Does anyone else watch that "Ace of Cakes" show? The one with the EXTREME bakery in Maryland? You can tell it's EXTREME because everyone is so hipster. Pink bangs! Piercings! Tattoos! Blow torches and chainsaws! Right now one of the cakemakers (is she Filipina?! She might be...) is emotionally distraught—she is crying; she cannot speak—because it is midnight, she has been working non-stop for 15 hours, and her "Fear the Turtle! Maryland Tarapin" cake, which is destined for a graduation party, keeps falling apart. It's so hilariously sad, this situation. In the lexicon, it is referred to as a "caketastrophe."

The thing is that none of these cakes is edible. Well, they're edible, but they must not taste very good because they're composed almost entirely of fondant which, if you ask me, looks just like Play-Doh. Anyways, also in this episode, the bakery owner is rehearsing with his band in the rehearsal space behind the bakery, and because they rock so terribly hard, everything in the bakery starts shaking, there are cakes falling over, coffee spilling, glass breaking. Because it's so EXTREME, you know!?

Now they're about to make a Taj Mahal cake! While simultaneously making a cake in the shape (or should I say "fondant in the shape...) of a basket filled with a hamburger, fries, and onion rings! This one is for the 90th birthday of the proprietor of what was once Maryland's premier deli! Oh, wait! They just said they made the hamburger, fries, and onion rings out of rice krispies. WHAT? How did I miss that? I don't understand.

Oh, yes, baby! Back to the Taj Mahal! They're even doing the reflecting pool. This is crazy, this cake! I have to go! Leave me alone!


Tracey said...

This show cracks me up because they sooo want to elevate cake decorating into reality show proportions, and it just ain't there. Now if one of the bakers was Gary Coleman or Jamie Farr--then we have ourselves a program.

You should see the one where they have to exorcise a ghost in the bakery...spooky.

kmargrett said...

My boyfriend loves that "Ace of Cakes" show. And I agree with you; the cakes don't look like they taste very good. It's all about the look, I think. I was pretty impressed, though, when they made the turntable cake.

Jodi said...

Jodi here, delurking herself again...I always watch Ace of Cakes, mostly because it follows The Next Food Network Star...I like the Christmas episode (which happened today to be the afternoon rerun) where the cake ace himself falls off the platform the cakes sets on--a cake complete with firworks exploding out of the replica Washington Memorial-- knocks himself out...the dialouge over the walkie talkie went something like this..."the cake guy is down, I repeat the cake guy is down"

Pinay von Alemania said...

hi ver,
just saying hello...reading day and keeping up with other blogs...
Taj Mahal...when I saw it for the first time, I really said it looked like a giant cake....
loving husband's gift


Pinay von Alemania