Monday, January 08, 2007

Requisite Photos

Of course I have to post some Yarn, Paper, Scissors party pix. Here are my birthday girls:

The room hard at work. I completely underestimated the boys, by the way, and am apologizing for the record. They were so into it:

Too young to embroider, but plenty old enough to eat countless butterfly sugar cookies:

Here are the stitches that everyone learned on their practice muslin:

Exalted guest M.W. in her fantastic hat:

Sometimes their sense of purpose freaks me out a little. Vida (second picture) was so intent that her complexion paled:

And here are R & V's final products, which they finished right before their bedtime. They only used one of the stitches they learned, but I was kinda surprised at even that:

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KMRL said...

That looks like so much fun..!