Friday, January 05, 2007

Bamboo Ridge

Ooooh, contributor's copies still in their shrinkwrap:

I'm pleased/proud to be published alongside the following lovelies:

Amalia B. Bueno
Stuart Ching
Clinton John Frakes
J. Freen
Marie Park Fujii
Barbara Hamby
Jody Helfand
Michael Honda
Ann Inoshita
Juliet S. Kono
Joseph O. Legaspi
R. Zamora Linmark
Michael Little
Wing Tek Lum
Michael McPherson
Alexei Melnick
Lori Lei Hokyo Misaka

Gene J. Parola
ChristyAnne Passion
Elmer Omar Pizo
Normie Salvador
Steve Shrader
Michelle Cruz Skinner
Joseph Stanton
Lara Stapleton
Eileen R. Tabios
Delaina Thomas
Ken Tokuno
Joe Tsujimoto
Daniel Tsukayama
Romolo Valencia
John Wythe White
Lisa Yoshihara

I don't think my name will see traditional print more than a couple of times in 2007, so this is very nice to hold in my hands. A meaty section of the issue is devoted to a celebration of the Filipino Centennial, by the way, and you can pick up a copy right here.

Thank you to Bamboo Ridge, particularly Michelle Cruz Skinner and Theo Gonzalves.


Okay, it's time for me to throw myself into full-on 7th birthday party mode. All the goody stuff has been goodified and the cake has been ordered, but there are cookies to bake and fruit to fruitinize, a plan b and/or c to devise in case the boys just can't deal with the embroidery situation (there is a marked difference in the ability to focus between genders at this age—at least in my corner of the world), etc. etc.


I love my kids, but I'm ready for this Winter Break to be O. Ver. Why? Because while life with them is sometimes like this:
It is more often like this:

Oh, sure, the difference make look subtle to you (although not, I bet, to Weez or Bec or Sunny!), but look a little more closely and you can see—or even, if you throw in a little extra effort, feel—the crazy.

It's all in the eyes.

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