Monday, January 01, 2007


At 12:30 this morning I poured myself a big glass of water and started writing. I only went at it for about 30 minutes before dragging myself to the real nesting ground, but I think it was enough to make sure things got off to, you know, a positive start. I supposed I should have munched on organic kale, given myself a manicure, deep-conditioned my hair, and cleaned the grout between the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, too, but a person can only take so much change.

In all seriousness, I have set modest writing and reading goals for myself, plus the regular get-healthy nonsense, most of which will fall by the wayside in a few months time. In an amusing attempt to stick to my drink-more-water goal, I forced myself to finish another big glass of water today before I would allow myself a Diet Pepsi on ice. I exaggerate not when I tell you that it took me three hours—three hours!—to drink the water. By then I had a wicked headache brought on, no doubt, by my lack of caffeine. Such a sad sack, am I.

As for Day 2, it holds much promise: haircut (dare me to cut it all off and I just might; I'm in such a mood) and color, Pilates, the aforementioned writing/reading, and the inevitable prep work for Risa and Vida's 7th birthday party. I made these silly invites:

As you can imagine, I repeat the words "totally crafty" like 400 times on the inside. Despite the fact that my heart was semi-set on a bowling party (what I imagined as kitschy and retro fun was, in reality, dingy and kinda dirty), the whole shindig will go down in the groovy party room at Yarn, Paper, Scissors (thank you Marcy!), where the invitees (including four lucky young gents) will embroider their own fleece scarves, enjoy a double-big slice of ice cream cake, and saunter off with a bunch of goodies ever-so-carefully selected by moi (can I be a moi? Or is it only Eileen who can be a moi?). Let us take a moment here to recall last year's extraordinarly pink goody bags.

That's it for today, my New Year darlings. Making some changes to the blog; bear with the weird color changes and whatnot...


EILEEN said...

TOI can be MOI anytime. Besides, it's Gura who even speaks the French....and


that PINK-ness!!!!!


ver said...

Okay, let me get this straight: moi has official permission from toi to be a moi...

Thank toi!