Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Midnight In the Kitchen

It's a little past midnight. I'm hungry, but I will not eat. Okay, maybe a few grapes. What I really want to do is pop a bag of kettle corn, but I won't. Just a few more grapes.


So what I did instead of eating any more grapes was to sate my snacky state with a cruise around the food blogs. Checked out the Sassy Lawyers amazing food blog, of course. Checked out the pizza post at Becks and Posh. Got semi-excited about the Eggbeater's strawberry shortcake, etc. etc. But I was not completely satisfied until I laid my eyes on 101 Cookbooks' oh-my-God-do-you-think-it's-wrong-to-eat-the-whole-thing Heirloom Tomato Tart.

I can sleep easy now. 'Night.


kuya said...

hmmm... that tomato tart looks pretty good - keep in mind that I hate cheese AND tomatoes. didja make it at midnight and eat the whole thing? do you actually have heirloom tomatoes just sitting around your pretty kitchen waiting to be tarted??? do you? you do, don't you? I knew it!

ver said...

I don't know how anyone could hate parmesan cheese; it's so benign. Anyways, no, I did not start cooking at midnight and I did not have any heirloom tomatoes on hand. I'm such a loser.