Friday, August 26, 2005

Make List, Check Twice

I found the niftiest little web-based application called Ta-Da Lists. It's free, and you can just go nuts making lists and creating the illusion that your life is completely in order and running super-smooth. Lotioned-up smooth. Stainless-steel smooth. Lea's-hair smooth. John Legend's-voice smooth. Like that. And you can make your lists public or private or semi-public/private. Here, for example, is my Currently Reading list.

Okay, that's it. You can beg and plead all you want, but I'm not gonna show you my other 8 lists. No, stop it, stop it! Stop offering me gift certificates to bookstores! Stop sending me moleskine notebooks, for chrissakes! You can just put away that all-expenses-paid trip to NYC. What do you think I am? Some sort of...of...list exhibitionist? Well, okay. Here's one more.


While we're on the subject of running smoothly (I did mention that up there somewhere, didn't I?), I am so in awe of Joane Rondilla, who I found via Gladys. She, along with the other Runbutans, are running a marathon in Maui and raising money for the Manilatown Heritage Foundation along the way. I'm happy to contribute. You know what really got me? Joane signed off one of her posts with the Runbutans' mantra:

For our bayani, for our community, and for Manilatown and the
I-Hotel, we runbutan

That's what got me.


Gladys said...

Ver, you rock.

joanne said...

Thank you so much for this! Although no one has officially moved in yet, the new I-Hotel just opened it's doors. It's truly an exciting time for Manilatown.

kuya said...

ohmy... that bag is at Friends on Gough and Hayes just BEGGING for you to buy it! let's go today!!!!

Anonymous said...

A study table for R & V? Aren't they still in kindergarten or did time move that quickly?

Study tables are to pile junk on so you can do your homework on your bed. That's what I thought. I guess that explains several things.....