Friday, April 01, 2005

You Say It's Your Birthday...'s my birthday, too! On Monday, that is.

I'm going to count yesterday as a birthday treat because I had a grown-ups only lunch with my cousin and her husband at Machi in J-town. The conversation was excellent, if a bit macabre: my cousin is the principal of a private special education school and her husband teaches special ed. at Washington High in the city, and they told me all about behavior in young kids and teenagers that signals future sociopathic tendencies. Yikes. We then raided Kinokuniya Bookstore, where I stocked up on books for the girls before moving on to the stationery store to participate in a frenzy of notebook-buying that left me breathless and glassy-eyed.

A fine afternoon.

I am now going to share the secret to an excellent birthday. Listen up, one and all...the key is to have low expectations. That way, all the sweet little things that happen—from a couple of cards in the mail to, I don't know, a chewy fudge brownie (no nuts, thanks) after dinner—automatically become so sparkly that by nightfall you begin to glow from the residual light. It works, I swear.

Does that count as a Warm & Fuzzy Friday Post? If not, let me know and I'll give it another shot before the sun sets.

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