Friday, April 15, 2005

It's Warm. It's Fuzzy. It's Friday.

On my lap: Lives of the Saints (Quick! Name the patron saint of writers!*)
On the iPod: All Day Music - War (Quick! Name the patron saint of musicians!**)
To my left: Child magazine (Oh, you're so smart! Name the patron saint of children!***)
On the floor: box of s'mores Luna bars, almost empty (Now invent a patron saint of nutrition bars that are high in calcium and folic acid!****)

Okay, dumb game. But never mind—I am happy today! The sun is out, my shower was—miraculously—uninterrupted by small children tramping in and out, my hair is shiny, I'm wearing a girly skirt with a black peasant tee, and my red Cynthia Rowley flats are making their first Spring showing. Also, my current word count (see previous post, if you like) is 2,308. And also, the sub-floor is down in my kitchen.

So ends another Warm & Fuzzy Friday post. But before I go...behold the patron saint answers:

*St. Francis de Sales
**St. Cecilia or St. Gregory the Great
***St. Nicholas de Myra
****Um, how about St. Excuse to Basically Eat a Candy Bar?

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