Friday, April 22, 2005

Windy & Fuzzy Friday

'Tis not warm here. 'Tis windy. Allergies all a-twitter and whatnot. But. But about an hour ago I ran a word count on my story and it said "2,999." If I knew how to dance a jig, I'd dance a jig. Because it's a better story now; I feel it in my bones.


I love the Chatelaine's new shopping blog! And since blatant rip-offism is the sincerest form of flattery (and since wonderful Jean did it, too), I present my Ranch 99 receipt from the other day:

white shrimp headless

honeydew melon

kushpai sha he noodle (3 packs)

meiji yan yan chocolate & strawberry

back scratcher

glico kapukapu kapuriko chocolate

beef flank steak (2 packs)

crown broccoli

pea sprout

Okay, not too exciting. But read between the shopping lines, would you? I'm sure there's someone fascinating in there.


and later...

Oh, who am I fooling? This is not a warm and fuzzy Friday. In fact, I just had to ask the contractor (Sadistic Contractor Games aside, he's really quite nice) to help me rescue Risa, who flipped headfirst over an 8-foot fence into a neighbor's backyard. The configuration of the street is such that though this person is my neighbor, it would have taken me some minutes to run around to their house (they weren't home) to get Risa. So the contractor and his assistant climbed over the fence and handed her—kicking, screaming, and covered in dirt—to me. She was checking the "bug house" she'd hung on the neighbor's tree.

I suck at this half the time.

Nevertheless, happy weekend all.

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