Monday, April 04, 2005


When Lea and I arrived to pick up R & V at preschool, I was immediately ushered into the center of the Celebration Time Circle. This made me surprisingly self-conscious. I thought reading to college students was bad; turns out it's nothing compared to standing in the middle of the Celebration Time Circle being stared at by 25 small people. Just as I was about to improvise some sort of dance/mime/tumbling performance for their amusement, Teacher J. began to strum his guitar and I was treated to a resounding, delightfully out-of-tune rendition of the Birthday Song. Then the circle closed in on me, and I got a big ol' group hug that soon morphed into a group tackle that almost resulted in my landing face-first on the rug. Fortunately, I managed to remain upright. Risa and Vida, having orchestrated the entire thing, had huge grins on their faces. It was so corny. In a good way.

P.S. Thanks, all, for the bday snail/e-mails! And a special thank you to kuya mike for my killer mango mousse cake...

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