Friday, April 30, 2004

Only Human After All

If you are faithful to my blog, if you are loyal and true, you will remember that I am often transformed into a weepy mess (okay, maybe I didn't tell you that part. But now you know) by the lyrics that Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz pulls out of his oddly-shaped head. I've always had a romanticized version of Adam (that's what I call him: Adam) sitting around in ratty jeans and a rumpled t-shirt that says something like "SUCK," smoking, sipping absinthe, pining over flamenco dancers, missing women named Anna, and writing in his journals with a pen that leaks ink and leaves behind what appears to be flowering drops of blood.

Which is why I never should have started reading his blog. He listens to hip-hop to get ready for his shows. He's a huge fan of women's college sports. He thinks Australia is god's country. His best friend is actress Mary Louise Parker.

All that is perfectly fine. What I didn't need to know is that he's friends with Mandy Moore, whom he refers to affectionately—and in my books almost unforgiveably—as "Mandymoo." Or that he frequently reams out his fans with orders to "go make poo" (okay, that's pretty funny) and he gets unbelievably pissy when they try to figure out what he really meant when he wrote a song about a woman who borrows a yellow hat that she never returns. "Feel free to take things literally," he sniffs. "I'm not really that symbolic all the time."

So it turns out Adam—with his hissy fits and glamour pals and scathing condescension—is only human. That's fine by me. I just hope Seal (awwww...look at him when he was a kid) never starts a blog.

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