Thursday, April 22, 2004

Gym Tragedy

The problem with forgetting to bring your iPod to the gym is that you then have to slog through your workout feeling more pain than you would if you had, say, The Fugees' How Many Mics (trivial aside: you know they mention Seal in that song, right? You knew that, didn't you?) to warm up with, Prince's Diamonds and Pearls album to get you through the middle, and The Counting Crows' American Girls ('American girls are all feathers and cream/coming to bed/so edible') to bring you home.

Instead, you are bereft. Instead, you are forced to realize that regardless of what day or time you go to the gym, there is always that one guy who looks like he bought his bike shorts in the girls department at JCPenney. And there is always that one guy in the MC Hammer (please don't hurt me!) pants who likes to walk around saying, "What was your name again?" to unsuspecting women.

There's a lesson in this. I'm sure of it. And after I'm done sticking a red hot poker in my eyes, I'll think of it.

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